National Spumoni Day

National Spumoni DayNational Spumoni Day

Savor a slice of this traditional Italian treat for National Spumoni Day on August 22nd. The tri-flavored creation was originally made with almond, chocolate, and stracciatella, a type of milk gelato filled with chocolate bits. 

The first recipe for spumoni was brought to the U.S. in 1905 from Nola, Italy. Salvatore Lezza opened a bakery in Chicago in the early 1900s where he and his wife, Lucia, sold the chilled dessert. 

Today, the original recipe has shifted to incorporate more American tastes and ingredients like cherry and pistachio alongside a layer of chocolate for the classic Neopolitan style. There are also a number of other varieties with flavors like strawberry, hazelnut, and even pineapple. 

No matter what trifecta of flavors you like best, be sure to head to your local gelato shop on August 22nd  for National Spumoni Day.

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