National Soft Ice Cream Day

National Soft Ice Cream DayNational Soft Ice Cream Day

Celebrate this classic summer treat for National Soft Ice Cream Day on August 18th. While ice cream itself has been around since 200 BCE, soft serve ice cream didn’t come along until 1934.

As the story goes, Tom Carvel was driving his ice cream truck on Memorial Day weekend in Hartsdale, New York, when he got a flat tire. As he sat in a parking lot, the ice cream began to melt, and so Carvel began to sell the softened ice cream to people driving past on their way to their holiday vacations.   

The soft ice cream was a huge success and Carvel opened a permanent ice cream shop just two years later after having perfected and patented his formula and low-temperature ice cream machine.

So make sure to stop by your local ice cream parlor or just hit the drive through at McDonald’s to grab a cone on August 18th for National Soft Ice Cream Day.

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