National Scotch Day

National Scotch DayNational Scotch Day

Pull out your favorite rock glass and have a sip of the good stuff this July 27th for National Scotch Day. 

Dating back to 12th-century monasteries, the first record of Scotch whisky comes from the ledgers of a Scottish taxman in 1494. In 1933, Scotch was first protected by definition in law and gained further protection in 1988 as a result of the Scotch Whisky Act. 

In order to be classified as Scotch, a whisky must firstly be made in Scotland. Other requirements include a minimum of three years of aging in oak barrels and an ABV under 94.8%. While there are no restrictions on which grains can be used, the majority of Scotch whisky is made with barley.  

So be sure to raise a glass of true Scotch whisky on July 27th in celebration of this historic spirit for National Scotch Day.

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