National Pralines Day

National Pralines DayNational Pralines Day

Sink your teeth into these delectable confections on June 24th for National Pralines Day. There are multiple types of pralines including the French praline consisting of almonds and caramelized sugar, Belgian pralines with har chocolate shells and soft interiors, and American pralines whose creamier texture resembles that of fudge.  

The first pralines were developed by French sugar industrialist Marshal du Plessis-Praslin at the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte in the 17th century. He coated individual almonds in caramelized sugar. 

The recipe was brought to the U.S. by French settlers making a new life in Louisiana. From there, chefs in New Orleans began substituting plentiful pecans for almonds during the 19th century and began adding cream to create a thicker confection that would become the model for the American praline.

Pralines were sold by free women of color, called Pralinieres, in the French Quarter, a position that afforded them financial opportunities and stability in a highly segregated job market. 

So be sure to place an order with your favorite Black-owned confectioner, or try your hand at making a batch of yourself this June 24th for National Pralines Day.

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