National Noodle Day

National Noodle DayNational Noodle Day

Break out the pasta pot and check to make sure there’s enough sauce for National Noodle Day on October 6th.

Noodles come in a wide range of styles, sizes, ingredients, and cultural heritages. Every region of the world has some form of noodle to its name, but the first noodles came from China more than 4,000 years ago, with the first record of the food coming from the Easter Han period between 25 and 220 BCE.

These early noodles were made of bread dough shaped into little bits that was boiled in a wok. Despite being the first, not all noodles are directly descended from the influence of the ancient Chinese. 

In central Asia, a dumpling dish slowly evolves into a tortellini-like tiny dumpling called manti. Legend has it that these dumplings were spread throughout the continent by the infamous roaming warrior Genghis Kahn.

No matter what type of noodle or where it comes from, be sure to boil up some of your favorite pasta, ramen, or soba on October 6th for National Noodle Day.

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