National Moonshine Day

National Moonshine DayNational Moonshine Day

Celebrate National Moonshine Day this year on June 2nd and every year on the first Thursday in June. While there are legal versions of moonshine, the term is traditionally only applied to spirits that have been illegally distilled without a permit. 

Moonshine is usually made from a corn mash and is technically a type of whiskey. Though moonshine is most closely associated with the American era of Prohibition, and for good reason, the practice of brewing and distilling moonshine actually began in England in the 18th century. 

Bootleggers, or the people that would make, store, and distribute moonshine and other alcohol during prohibition, had to be incredibly stealthy as well as quick. In fact, the practice of rum running took so much skill and such specialized vehicles that it led to the creation of the American-style racing that would eventually become NASCAR. 

So whether you’ve already had a taste of the white lightening or if you’re just curious, make sure to raise a glass to the prohibition, or better yet, its end, with a mason jar of moonshine on June 2nd for National Moonshine Day.

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