National Moldy Cheese Day

National Moldy Cheese DayNational Moldy Cheese Day

Hold your nose if you need to, it’s worth it to enjoy the pungent taste of this dairy-based delicacy for National Moldy Cheese Day on October 9th.

While the idea of eating something that has mold on it might be offputting to some, moldy cheeses are safe to eat and offer a range of distinct flavors. These cheeses include blue, brie, camembert, Stilton, Roquefort, and gorgonzola. 

The earliest evidence of human’s eating cheeses stretches back a whopping 10,000 years with the oldest cheese itself discovered in an Ancient Egyptian tomb dating to 1,200 BCE. 

Despite these ancient roots, the industrial production of cheese didn’t begin until 1815 in Switzerland. Today, the world produces over 18 million tons of cheese with the U.S. making up 29% of production.

So whether you add a slice of Stilton to your sandwich or sprinkle some crumbly blue cheese on your salad, be sure to enjoy the distinct flavor of your favorite on October 9th for National Moldy Cheese Day.

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