National Mojito Day

National Mojito DayNational Mojito Day

Celebrate this tasty Cuban cocktail for National Mojito Day on July 11th. The mojito has a longstanding history in Cuba dating all the way back to 1586, and has even been claimed as the favorite drink of famous author Ernest Hemingway.  

While the exact origins of the drink are unknown, it is believed that the drink is was highly influenced by enslaved Africans working the sugar cane fields in Cuba in the 19th century. Guarapo, the juice of the sugar cane, was popular among the enslaved groups in Cuba and is also found in a large number of mojito recipes.   

The mojito gained popularity in the 1930s after Sloppy Joes Havana Bar listed a pair of gin and rum mojitos on its cocktail menu in 1931. The recipe was later published in 1939’s “El Floridita Cocktail Book” and its popularity has been steadily growing ever since. 

Whether you prefer gin or rum, be sure to order a mojito at your local bar or out to dinner on July 11th for National Mojito Day.

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