National Macaroon Day

National Macaroon Day

For the final day in may, celebrate National Macaroon Day on May 31st. Macaroons are small cookies made with coconut, not to be confused with macarons which are colorful, cream-filled cookies, a popular French treat that actually originated in Italy, just like macaroons. 

The two cookies share a fair number of ingredients as well as a country of origin, but macaroons offer a wholly different experience. The main ingredient in macaroons is shaved coconut which gives the cookies their texture. They are often dipped in chocolate and topped with nuts. 

Macaroons were created during the 8th or 9th century and since they relied on coconut instead of flour, they were a hit with the Jewish community who were prohibited from using leavening agents. 

In fact, the first published recipe for macaroons came in 1871 in Mrs. Esther Levy’s First Jewish American Cookbook. 

Regardless of your faith, make sure to enjoy this delicious cookie on May 31st for National Macaroon Day.

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