National Key Lime Pie Day

National Key Lime Pie DayNational Key Lime Pie Day

Break out the cool whip and get ready to celebrate this deliciously citrusy dessert for National Key Lime Pie Day on September 26th. 

What separates a Key lime from a regular Persian or Tahitian lime is that the Key lime has a thinner, smoother skin and a more bitter and tart flavor. 

Despite being named after the Florida Keys, hence the capitalization of the word Key, the fruit actually originated in the Indo-Malayan region of south Asia. The Key lime was brought to its namesake islands by the Spanish and Portuguese during the 16th century.

Key lime pie itself wasn’t invented until centuries later in 1931 when a chef in a Borden test kitchen in New York City created the pie as a spin on one of the company’s existing recipes, Magic Lemon Cream Pie. However, there is a legend that claims credit for the invention lay with a mythologically named Aunt Sally, but there is not substantial evidence to support this.

So whether you feel like breaking out the mixer and making this citrusy treat for yourself or if you just pick one up from your trusted local baker, be sure to have a slice on September 26th for National Key Lime Pie Day.

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