National “I Love Food” Day

National “I Love Food” DayNational “I Love Food” Day

For all the foodies, chefs, and connoisseurs, be sure to celebrate National “I Love Food” Day on September 9th. 

The holiday was started in 2015 to celebrate the lovers of food and their favorite dishes. Other than that, there really are no rules for this one, just enjoy your favorite foods and the experience of food. 

While it is a day of celebration, it is also a good day to be grateful and to give from your own bounty to those with less, especially now when more than 38 million Americans struggle with food insecurity. 

So be sure to grab a few extra items for the food bank or donate what you can to your local pantries, before and after school programs, and shelters on your way to cook up your favorite dish on September 9th for National “I Love Food” Day.

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