National Hot Cross Bun Day

National Hot Cross Bun DayNational Hot Cross Bun Day

Celebrate this long-standing Christian tradition for National Hot Cross Bun Day on September 11th. 

The hot cross bun has a host of origin stories including the well-known tale of a 13th-century Anglican monk baking the buns and making them with the cross to share with others on Good Friday, which is the day that marks the crucifixion of Jesus and starts off the Easter weekend.  

In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth attempted to preserve the sanctity of the hot cross bun by passing a law that limited its sale to funerals, Christmas, and Good Friday. However, the popularity of the hot cross bun made the law impossible to enforce and it was eventually repealed. 

In addition to its ties to the Christian holiday of Easter, the hot cross bun also has a strong association with many superstitions. These included the idea that buns baked and/or served on Good Friday would remain fresh and without mold for a whole year, that sharing a hot cross bun ensures your friendship for the year, and even that a piece of the bun could help an ill person recover. 

So whether or not you are a Christian, you can test the superstitions around this holy loaf on September 11th for National Hot Cross Bun Day.

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