National Gyro Day

National Gyro DayNational Gyro Day

Celebrate this classic Greek dish on September 1st for National Gyro Day. In Greek, the letter G is treated the same as a starting Y sound so that gyro sounds like hero.  

The name gyro applies to both the finished gyro sandwich and the meat itself which is roasted on a vertical spit and then thinly sliced into crisp shavings. The traditional meat of a gyro is lamb, but you can also get beef, chicken, and even vegan versions.

To make the gyro sandwich, you place the meat shavings onto warm pita bread, add onion, tomato, and the traditional tzatziki sauce, and wrap everything up in the pita. You can dip your gyro in more tzatziki sauce, which is made with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill, and other spices depending on the recipe. 

It’s common for restaurants that serve gyros to have some form of promotion or even a giveaway for the occasion so be sure to head out to your favorite Greek restaurant or gyro stand for National Gyro Day on September 1st.

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