National Fudge Day

National Fudge DayNational Fudge Day

Sink your teeth into this delectable treat for National Fudge Day on June 16th. This classic confection only came to be thanks to an accident that occurred when trying to make caramels.

While the exact details of fudge’s creation are a bit hazy, it is thought to have been invented in 1886, the same year of the first known sales of fudge in Baltimore where you could buy a pound for 40 cents. 

Within a few years, by 1889, the first fudge shop was opened on Mackinac Island in Michigan, a vacation destination now synonymous with fudge. And not long after that, in 1906, the hot fudge sundae was invented and sold at the C.C. Browns ice cream parlor in Hollywood.

Make sure to head to your local confectionary shop for your favorite flavor of fudge or head to an ice cream parlor for a hot fudge sundae this June 16th for National Fudge Day.

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