National Frappe Day

National Frappe DayNational Frappe Day

Savor the last warm days of autumn with this icy classic on October 7th for National Frappe Day.

The term frappe applies to a fairly wide range of drinks, officially called frappuccinos, made by blending coffee or espresso with ice and topping it with whipped cream and often flavored syrups, but it is also the name of a milkshake and a fruity dessert made with shaved ice. For the sake of the day, we’ll focus on the frosty frappe beverages.  

Recipes for early frappes date back to the 1890s, but the labor-intensive process of crushing ice limited its reach. The invention of the electric blender in the 1920s and its expanded popularity in the 1950s saw a boost in popularity for blended drinks.

The story of the invention of the modern version of frappes that we know today points to Dimitris Vakondios who created the frappe while working at the Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece when he couldn’t find any hot water to make his Nescafe instant coffee and used cold water and ice instead.

So whether you like a classic coffee frappe, caramel, peppermint, or chocolate, be sure to grab one of these frozen delights from your local coffee shop for National Frappe Day on October 7th.

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