National Devil’s Food Cake Day

National Devil’s Food Cake DayNational Devil’s Food Cake Day

Dive into this sinnfully delicious dessert on May 19th for National Devil’s Food Cake Day. 

Devil’s food cake is darker, airier, and more moist than standard chocolate cake as it uses boiling water as one of the main ingredients and the richer cocoa is used in place of ordinary baking chocolate. 

The first known published record of a devil’s food cake is from 1898 when the recipe titled Devilishly Good! Appeared in the August edition of the “Hagerstown Exponenet” of Hagerstown, Indiana, though the existence of the cake is believed to date to at least a few years prior to this inclusion. . 

The recipes more formal cookbook publication came just a few years later in 1902 in Sarah Tyson Rorer’s “Mrs. Rorer’s New CookBook”. From there the cake remained popular until the 1970s when the correlation between red food dye and cancer became a major concern. 

Thankfully, today, we have safe alternatives that make it so you can enjoy this decadent dessert on May 19th in honor of National Devil’s Food Cake Day.

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