National Date-Nut Bread Day

National Date-Nut Bread DayNational Date-Nut Bread Day

Have a slice of this baker’s delight on September 8th for National Date-Nut Bread Day. While the origin of date-nut bread is unknown, the history of the ingredients themselves stretches back to the earliest human civilizations. 

Dates are one of the world’s oldest fruits with cultivation taking place in prehistoric Egypt and Mesopotamia as far back as 4,000 BCE. They are highly nutritious with an abundant amount of potassium as well as a high sugar content, useful in the days before processed sugars, and a good amount of protein and fiber. 

Nuts are also a nutritious and longstanding aspect of our diets. While each nut is different, most have essential vitamins like vitamin E and B2, while also being high in protein, fiber, and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and selenium.

Combine the two in a tasty loaf and you’ve go date-nut bread. The first known recipe comes from 1939, but it is likely the cake-like bread was invented sometime before that in England where date-nut bread is especially popular. 

So be sure to grab a loaf from your local bakery or try your hand at making your own for National Date-Nut Bread Day on September 8th.

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