National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day

National Cream-Filled Doughnut DayNational Cream-Filled Doughnut Day

Sink your teeth into this confectionery classic for National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day on September 14th.

The first doughnuts were filled with jam and were created in New Amsterdam in the 17th century where they were known as olykoeks. The doughnut got its name in the 19th century thanks to captain Hansen Gregory’s mother who deep-fried a spiced dough with nuts in the middle that was believed to prevent scurvy. It is said that Hansen himself put the hole in the middle of the round doughnuts in 1847.

The cream-filled doughnut came on the scene not much later also during the 19th century, though the exact date and origins are unknown. Some credit the French chef Careme with the invention of the cream-filled doughnut as well as a number of other cream-filled delights that sparked a trend of experimentation in the world of pastries. 

So whether you prefer a Boston or Bavarian, chocolate or vanilla, lemon or strawberry, grab your favorite flavor of this delicious pastry on September 14th for National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day.

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