National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

National Chocolate Ice Cream DayNational Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 7th. Did you know that chocolate ice cream was invented before vanilla ice cream?

In fact, the first recipe for frozen chocolate was published in 1692 in “The Modern Steward.” The invention of ice cream itself goes back even further to the Persian empire in 500 B.C. 

While the ancient Persian ice cream was a bit closer to a snowcone, modern ice cream is made by combining cocoa powder with vanilla, sugar, cream, and eggs and then freezing the mixture. 

But this delicious recipe wasn’t always a common household treat the way it is today. For a long time, ice cream was reserved as a treat for the elite. It didn’t become widely accessible until the late 1800s.

So make sure to grab a bowl or cone from your favorite ice cream shop this June 7th for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

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