National Chocolate Custard Day

National Chocolate Custard DayNational Chocolate Custard Day

You don’t want to miss National Chocolate Custard Day on May 3rd. While the history of the day itself is something of a mystery, the history of custard is one that can be traced back to the Middle Ages. 

Custard was originally used as a filling in pastries similar to modern custard tarts, but a good portion of it was made with meat and fish and was a far cry from the delicious chocolate custard treats we enjoy today.

The first recorded recipe for chocolate custard was written by Fannie Farmer in a 198 cookbook. Since then, chocolate custard has grown into a snacktime favorite for children and adults alike. 

Celebrate this delectable dessert on May 3rd for National Chocolate Custard Day with your favorite brand of chocolate pudding or take a shot at making your own.

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