National Cherry Cobbler Day

National Cherry Cobbler DayNational Cherry Cobbler Day

May 17th marks National Cherry Cobbler Day. Dig into this delicious dessert that offers all the nutritional benefits of cherries. 

Cherries are packed with antioxidants that help protect your cells from free radical damage. They also have anit-inflamatory properties that make them ideal for those with gout and cardiovascular disease. 

Cobblers were original created by British colonists in the Americas. The ingredients and utensils needed to make more traditional suet puddings were hard to come by in the new world and so they improvised and created the cobbler. 

Despite the cobbler being an “American” invention, cherries themselves are not even native to North America and were brought over by Dutch traders in the 1600s. Once the trees had been established, it took another 200 years for the first cherry cobbler to come to life. 

Celebrate this marvel of human ingenuity and natural health benefits for National Cherry Cobbler Day on May 17th.

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