National Cheese Souffle Day

National Cheese Souffle DayNational Cheese Souffle Day

Celebrate National Cheese Souffle Day on May 18th. Souffle comes from the French word for to puff up and is made by combining egg whites and custard and baking until it rises and turns golden brown. 

Souffles can be made in a number of ways with common variations made with fruits, vegetables, berries, chocolates, jams, and of course cheese. The rising action of the souffle gives it its signature airy texture but also makes it susceptible to collapse, so souffles should enjoyed as soon as they are ready. 

Often considered a luxury, souffles were often reserved for special occasions at exclusive venues in the 1900s like the Waldorf Astoria, Hotel Astor, and The Biltmore, as well as throughout the affluent areas of Washington D.C. 

Enjoy this delightful and decadent treat in honor of National Cheese Souffle Day on May 18th.

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