National Bourbon Day

National Bourbon DayNational Bourbon Day

June 14th marks National Bourbon Day. Celebrate this regional delight that puts a distinctly American flare on the whiskey tradition. 

Like other types of specialty whiskeys, Bourbon has to adhere to certain guidelines in order to earn the distinction. It must be distilled under 160 proof in the U.S., stored in new charred-oak barrels at 125 proof, and be made from 51% corn.

Corn was the major crop produced in the spirit’s eponymous region of Kentucky where Scottish and Irish settlers would fill barrels stamped “Old Bourbon” with the distilled corn whisky and send them down the Ohio River.

The spirit was officially claimed as America’s native spirit in 1964 via a Congressional Resolution which made it so that Bourbon could only be made in America. 

So raise a glass to American this June 14th to celebrate National Bourbon Day.

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