National Blueberry Month

National Blueberry Month

Celebrate this delicious superfruit all through the month of July for National Blueberry Month. 

Blueberries are packed with beneficial nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and fiber as well as a host of antioxidants. All of these combine to give blueberries their superfood powers of anti-aging, lowering blood pressure, preventing heart disease, maitaining healthy brain function including improving memory, and even helping to prevent cancer. 

While Indigenous Peoples did use certain techniques to increase natural blueberry growth as a way to improve access and availability of the fruit, the first modern cultivation of the plant didn’t occur until the early 1900s thanks to the efforts of Elizabeth Coleman White and Dr. Frederick V. Coville.

So make sure to head out to your local farmers market, or maybe even plant some of your own this July for National Blueberry Month.

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