National Beverage Day

National Beverage DayNational Beverage Day

While many individual beverages have their own special days, in fact, there’s one in each month, May 6th is a day to celebrate all drinks with National Beverage Day. 

The original beverage is, of course, good old water. But as is the way with most things, we weren’t satisfied with plain water, so we began experimenting with beverages very early on in our history as humans. 

One of the most popular beverages, and the one that has arguably had the greatest impact on our collective history, is beer. The first record instance of beer comes from ancient Egypt, though the origin of these weak ancestral brews is thought to stretch back as far as the Neolithic period. 

From there we went on to develop wines, coffee, juices, hot chocolate, and eventually sodas, colas, and all sorts of sweet and bubbly treats. 

No matter which is your favorite, hot or cold, carbonated or flat, alcoholic or not, raise a glass this May 6th in honor of National Beverage Day.

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