Food Fusion

Food FusionFood Fusion

The combination of ingredients and flavors, finding the most unique or harmonious flavor pairing, is a major aspect of culinary arts. Food fusion, specifically, takes flavors, ingredients, and even whole dishes from different cultures and combines them together to make a new delicious fusion dish. 

In fact, many of the dishes we enjoy today come from blending foods from different cultures. Potentially the most famous of these is spaghetti, the noodles perfected in China and the addition of tomato based sauces by European colonizers in North America. 

Common styles of food fusions include Tex-Mex, French-Vietnamese, Indo-Chinese, Cajun, and American sushi. One of the largest fusion movements has been for Asian foods. French chefs began using spices common in Asian cultures to add a unique balance to the rich, creamy dishes of French cuisine. 

The trend quickly spread to the US with Chinese-American dishes being adapted from traditional Chinese recipes to fit the palate of middle-class American patrons. Dishes like crab rangoon, orange or General Tso’s chicken, egg foo young, and of course, fortune cookies are all the results of this particular food fusion.  

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your favorite recipe, make a splash by finding another dish or cuisine you love that balances with it and turning it into your very own food fusion recipe.

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