Flavors of Foraging

Flavors of ForagingFlavors of Foraging

Foraging has seen a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to a number of trending social media accounts that teach you how to identify, harvest, and prepare foraged foods. 

While there are plenty of edible plants for you to take advantage of, it is important to make sure you are checking for signs of poisonous look alikes and know for sure that what you’re picking is what you think it is.

Luckily, you can still enjoy the flavors of foraging without risking sickness or a bad rash from collecting plants yourself.

Mushrooms are probably the most popular and well-known item that is regularly foraged from forests and hillsides. One of the most versatile of these is Chicken of the Woods which makes a tasty and texturally satisfying substitute for the fungi’s namesake meat. 

Wild berry flavors like blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry are already easy to find in a range of products from beverages to baked goods, but less common berry flavors like gooseberry, chokeberry, and currant offer the familiarity of a fruity berry taste with the novelty of a new experience.   

There is also a growing interest in floral and woodier plant flavors like syrups made with pinecones or needles. These flavors make for interesting notes for coffee and tea flavors as well as carbonated beverages and candies, and they even have the potential for use in savory applications. 

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