Condiment Obsessions

CondimentsCondiment Obsessions

Condiments are so much more than just sauces. Don’t believe it? Just try to order a hotdog with ketchup in Chicago. The way we dress our food has cultural roots that often become traditions, some of which, every so often, become sensations. 

One of the most fascinating condiment obsessions that have become something of a cult craze is the Rick & Morty Szechuan sauce fascination. Since the initial mention of the McDonald’s sauce in the first episode of the show’s third season, McDonald’s has done limited runs of the coveted dipping sauce in 2017 and 2018 with now a third release scheduled for March 31, 2022. 

Due to some less than stellar behavior from Rick & Morty fans who missed out on their chance to get their hands on that sweet McNugget dipping sauce during the last two limited releases, this time around, McDonald’s is only offering the Szechuan sauce through their app.

If you want to try some more authentic Asian-inspired condiments we suggest Siracha for heat, hoisin sauce for sweet, tamarind sauce for a blend of sweet and sour, kewpie mayonnaise for a delightful twist on your burger and fries, and the highly versatile gochujang for just about everything else. 

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