National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

national chinese almond cookie dayNational Chinese Almond Cookie Day

We celebrate National Chinese Almond Cookie Day on April 9th to recognize the delicious treat and its cultural heritage. Often enjoyed during Chinese New Year celebrations, Chinese almond cookies, also called almond moon cakes, bring good luck for the coming year

While some Chinese almond cookies are pressed into molds in order to imprint them with specific designs, they are just as good plain. Made with a mixture of almond and mung powder, the cookies also hide a small sliver of almond in the middle, the origin of the cookie’s good luck power.

Although the exact origins of this delightful confection are a little hazy, it is thought that the recipe evolved from a 16th-entury walnut cookie recipe. However, Chinese almond cookies aren’t mentioned in American history until the 20th century. Despite not knowing the exact time or reason for the Chinese almond cookie’s introduction to the west, its undeniable yumminess has made it a popular treat for all.

Celebrate National Chinese Almond Cookie Day by supporting your favorite local Chinese restaurant or grocery store.

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