National Beer Day

national beer day, beer day, beerNational Beer Day

With a history nearly as long as that of humanity itself, the celebration of National Beer Day on April 7th is just one of many honoring the beverage around the world. Beer has been brewed for over 5,000 years and is the subject of the oldest known recipe. 

National Beer Day itself was put into place in 2009 by a pair of beer enthusiasts as a way to celebrate the 1933 signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act, which allowed individuals to brew and sell beer that maintained an alcohol volume of less than 4%. This was one of the first steps toward reversing prohibition in the United States.

With beer playing such a long and important role in our history as humans, it’s easy to see why it is so widely enjoyed and celebrated. This longevity and shared appreciation across cultures have resulted in a wealth of options to choose from. No matter what type of beer you like, April 7th is a day to raise a glass and toast to the bubbly brew and cherish the right to drink it freely, but responsibly.

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